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                                                                  Silver based core brazing material


                                                                  ilver- based flux cored filler is independently designed by us. The use of silver flux cored filler processes many advantages over those conventional metal join. It is fabricated by adding a certain proportion of scaling powder to a ribbon- like braze material, then winding up. Due to the various demands from different fields, the set of silver-based flux cored filler gives the specific options for different applications; ?Every design have its specific property and character. Their characters are divided into the following categories: normal liquidity, good liquidity, no splash braze(short thermal cycle), the boron modified scaling powder bearing cored filler with proprolonged protection used for extended heating time. Products in shapes of stripe, wire and pre-formed ring are available.

                                                                  Melting Range
                                                                  Characteristics and Application
                                                                  Ag Cu Zn Sn Ni 固相線
                                                                  BAg-20 30 38 32 ___ ___ 677 766 用于連接黑色金屬和有色金屬的通用型釬料,流動性差,較適合中等或間隙略大的接頭?珊附有⌒妥儔浩骰螂娮优浼M裝。
                                                                  BAg-24 50 20 28 ___ 2 690 775 用于鐵鎳合金、不銹鋼等連接通用型合金釬料。
                                                                  BAg-7 56 22 17 5 ___ 620 650 低溫、無鎘銀釬料。具有優秀的流動性與潤濕性,適合碳鋼與工具鋼焊接。焊后接頭顏色淺白,宜用于需要低熔點的不銹鋼食品加工設備的釬焊。
                                                                  BAg-5 45 30 ___ 0.4

                                                                  665 745 應用廣泛,常用于需求焊縫表面粗糙度細,強度高,能承受震動載荷的工件。推薦在船用管路,鋼管樂器、食品加工設備制造業、飛機發動機、油冷器等領域應用。
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